• Name: Sarah Lark
  • Age: 25
  • D.O.B : 28/01/83

Friday, 26 September 2008

Hey Hey Hey + Sarah is Nancy cover in the West End!!

Hey everyone! It is very late, 2:20am as im writing this and im not long in from seeing The Lark again very tired and probably slightly drunk lol for now I just want to say she is an amazing lady! I am away for the weekend so it will have to be monday before I post my review for both Tuesday and Thursday night plus maybe others from the other Larkabouts + pictures + a little something from a wee legend we met last night - not Sarah though :P but she is a legend!!

Oh and can I just add BRING ON THE LARK IN OLIVER!! Yes that's right sarah will be cover for Nancy in the West End production of Oliver plus in the Esemble every night. CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah! She seems really really happy and of course the Larkabouts are SQUEEING and EEEING! haha.

Catch you in a few days!

Julie xx.


MissiCharli said...

Will this be the 2 shows aswell or just the understudy for Jodie and the other person playing Nancy?? xxx

Laur... said...

Congratulations, Sarah! You're amazing!! =D

Julie said...

She will be understudy + in the ensemble all the time im sure...

Sara said...

Sarah Confirmed at Three Phantoms it was cover to Both Jodie and the Alternate so if either are off She will be playing Nancy and when not Nancy she will be the ensemble - great news so pleased for her as was Fran when she heard the good news.