• Name: Sarah Lark
  • Age: 25
  • D.O.B : 28/01/83

Monday, 29 September 2008

Kims Hits of the West End review - Yeaaah!

"Hits of the West End"...What a show!!
It took us back to the 1800's of East End London in Oliver, fast forwarded us
to 1900s Germany in Carbaret, and to Argentina in Evita.
We watched them fall in love in Dirty Dancing, saw High School sweethearts in Grease
and saw the pain and sorrow of Blood Brothers. We danced with ABBA and rocked with Queen,
and got thrown into the fairytale of Wicked! We woke up to Hairspray, and joined the barricades
of Les Mis. Whatever was being performed, by whoever was performing it, theres no denying the versitility
of this amazing cast.

The cast consisted of four mainleads; Sarah Lark, who has the mose amazing voice. Niall Sheehy - who stepped on a nail
during dress rehearsal on Monday, but battled through the pain to perform with true star quality. Emma Kelly - Who will
be playing Sharpay Evans in the new touring production of High School Musical, though I would love
to see her as Elphiba in Wicked!, and Jamie McKillop, who I am sure will be gracing a West End stage in no time!!

The show opened with Sarah performing 'One Night Only' from Dreamgirls, it was an absolutely amazing opening, with a funky
little dance routine. Next up we got our first glimpse of lead male Niall with a cheeky little performance of
'Willkommen', which led us to Emma and the girls with 'Mein Heir'. Up again came The Lark with a truly
gorgeous performance of 'Maybe This Time' - we saw her do this during I'd do anything' but watching it live
just made me go 'WOW!!'. We then had Emma and the girls back for the Chicago classic - 'All that Jazz' which
led to one of my favourite performances of the night, 'Cell Block Tango', which feature the female cast of Louise McCarthy,
Grace Harrington, Pippa Higgs and Katie Lowe as well as Emma and Sarah. It was the perfect opportunity for them
all to show off their singing, dancing and acting, with solos each, and the routine consisting of some
tricky chair choreography, it was a truly showstopping performance.
We then got shown some local talent, in the form of Schoolchildren. They were used in 'Any Dream will do'
and 'Close every door' with Niall on lead vocals. We then get our first real introduction to Jamie, who doesn't
disappoint with his rendition of 'Superstar'.
Up next, and another favorite of mine, was 'Good Morning Baltimore' with Sarah taking the role of Tracy, she
plays the loveable dancing geek perfectly - a future role? I think so!! It was a very quirky performance with
four dancers emerging from behind Sarahs duvet. Staying with Hairspray we got 'Nicest kids in town', with Jamie playing the
cheesy Corny Collins to perfection, it was an absolutely brilliantly choreographed performance!
Niall then came back on stage with 'Music of the Night', which I though was fantastic, though he was sure he couldn't hit the
low notes, I can assure him it was truly fab!!
This then took us to my favorite musical - Les Miserables. They started with a great rendition of 'At the end of the day',
and then onto Sarahs ' I dreamed a dream' - which (without being biased), was probably one of the best versions of it I have
ever heard, Sarah does the most amazing performance with her eyes, and you just become mesmerized in them, stunning.
We then got a real treat with a performance of 'Stars' from the Director Michael Martin, the cast came back for 'Do you hear the
people sing?' Following that came 'On my Own', probably one of my favorite musical songs of all time, I was gutted when I
heard Sarah wasn't singing it I was a bit gutted, but Emma did an amazing show stopping performance, this led to the cast
performing 'One Day More', which, again, was one of my favorite performances of the show.
Up next was The Lark with 'As Long as he needs me', this was made better by the fact that Sarah had just been announced as
first cover for Nancy in the upcoming Cameron Mackintosh production of Oliver. Really exciting times for Sarah!!
On came the rest of the cast for 'Grease', leaving Emma on the stage to perform 'Hopelessly Devoted' which really was a
'WOW' performance! On came the boys with 'Greased Lightnin', with Jamie playing Danny, Niall as Kenickie and the rest of the
guys; Ross Fountain, Ross Carpenter, Billy Mitchell (who is goooorgeous in real life) and Gavin Eden, performing
a brilliant rendition of the classic. Back came the girls to finish the first half with 'You're the one that I want'.

Part Two kicked off with the schoolkids coming back for 'Santa Evita' and 'Money kept rollin' in', everyone one left the stage
to a spotlight shining to the balcony with Sarah stood there in the most AMAAAAZING ballgown, performing 'Don't cry for
me Argentina' - this really showed off the powerfulness of her voice and it genuinely made the hairs on the back of my neck
stand on end!
We were then treated to Emma and the girls doing a fab performance of 'Yes' with a catchy dance routine and fab vocals, following
that came Jamie with 'Hungry Eyes', which was simple but beautiful. Up next, Niall and Sarah doing 'Time of my life' with
the rest of the cast treating us to some 'Dirty Dancing'...we we're spoiled by the tremendous vocals and the fantastic
Emma and Jamie duetted with a fab 'As long as you're mine' from the musical Wicked! It really was a heartfelt performance,
which led to another or my favorite performances of the show - 'Popular', it gave Sarah the chance to show off the
cheeky and playful side of her fantastic acting abilities...It made me giggle from the start to the end..(especially the
cross eyed bit!!) ... Following this came the showstopper 'Defying Gravity', which was sung by Emma...I think this was her
best performance of the night, and for her to sing with such power and enthusiasm, I have no doubt she would make an
AMAAAZING Elphiba, with Sarah as Galinda, pleeease!!
We we're then treated to a but of Mary Poppins in the shape of Niall donning his best cockney accent and performing
'Step in time' which had one of the best routines on the night!
Next, my favorite performance of the whole entire show....'Tell me it's not true' from the tearjerker Blood Brother, with Sarah on
lead vocals being back up by the amazing cast, it really was one but bring a tear to your eye.
Next up Niall with a great 'I want to break free'.... He really does have an amazing voice, I only wish we could have seen him dance!
Following thins, and with the award for the best choreography came 'Radio Ga Ga '.....I don't think I could put into words how
great it really was. We we're then treated to Niall on vocals again with 'We are the Champions, supported by most of the cast.
Last but not least we we're given some 'Mamma Mia' in the shape of 'The winner takes it all' from Sarah, a group performance of
'Mamma Mia' and then to finish the show a quartet performance of 'Dancing Queen' and 'Waterloo'.

The show really was an amazing event, and it showed how incredibly versatile those performers really were.
To top off an already amazing evening, I got to meet most of the cast afterwards. They were all so lovely and
happy to pose for photos, and we're interested with your opinions of the show!

I have no doubt that the whole cast will move on to bigger things, because they all did a truly amazing job!
And a big clap for the backstage cast too!

Now, plllleeeaase tour with the show! =D


Julie said...

Loves it! She was truly amazing! I haven't even done a review eek!

David said...

Wow! Sounds like a brilliant show with bags of talent being showcased. Yay for the Lark!

Laur... said...

That's an ace review Kim! And I do love that picture! See You Jimmy hat FTW! =D! Haha!