• Name: Sarah Lark
  • Age: 25
  • D.O.B : 28/01/83

Monday, 29 September 2008

When the Larkabouts met Uncle Mike the ledge!!

Well on Thursday night some of us Larkabouts met a wee legend that is Sarah's Uncle Mike! He told us what he thought of the show and another few things... here they are...picture above(nevermind me I don't know whats going on there haha)

So we asked him what he thought of the show? He said..
He thought everyone was great and he really enjoyed it.

What was his Favourite performance of the night from Sarah? He said..
Popular( I have to agree it was outstanding)

His favourite show Sarah has ever been in? He said..
That it was Snoopy!(I'd of loved to of seen this)

His favourite IDA performance? He said..
It was Midnight Train To Georgia!

Who was his 2nd favourite Nancy? He said..
It was Samantha!

Favourite song he's ever heard Sarah sing? He said..
There's A Fine Line - from Avenue Q.

Just want to say thanks to him for this and he truly was a lovely man! Ledge!!(and he does know it) LOL.

Julie xx.


Julie said...

Wasnt he lovely! Aww! :D

Laur... said...

What a legend! =D

Anonymous said...

I'm a legend!!

Haha...Yes Uncle Mike you are!!