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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My Review of Hits of the West End!!

Sorry im so late with this, it's just I was away for the weekend and what not and had no time! I will just write my view on the show on Thursday and just a little about Tuesday - Im going to base it on Sarah mostly but the rest of the cast were amazing!

Well on Thursday I was going with the Larkabouts as I went with my friends on Tuesday. So I met Laur and Kim outside the Town House, they had gifts for me as I was a little bit upset which was so lovely(thanks guys). So we went in and we were just talking about how excited we were and I was saying how amazing Sarah was on Tuesday.

Then we went to our seats, we were 4 rows back I think it was...the place was filling up with not that many seats left empty - I thought BRILLIANT! We had our tshirts on(It's All About The Lark - well because it is haha) and we had glow sticks and fart whistles - strange people I know!! Then the band started to play some music so we were singing along to that, I was too excited! Then first song Sarah sang was 'One Night Only' this was just beautiful, I was glad I got to see it as I was late on Tuesday! Sarah looked amazing in this...ok ive saw it twice but I really do have a bad memory..I think she was dressed all in white actually no..ive been informed it wasn't white it was purple see what I mean - I think she just mesmerizes me that I can't remember anything else other than the performance lol..anyway just gorgeous. Up next was Niall with a delightful performance of 'Willkommen'then Emma after with a great performance of 'Mein Heir' with the other girls. Sarah came out from the top of the stairs with an amazing slighty different from IDA performance of 'Maybe This Time'the crowd gave her a massive applause and we were wooing of course! Emma and the girls then came back for 'All That Jazz'. Then came 'Cell Block Tango' with the 5 girls including Sarah - this was one of my favourite performances of the show. They were up on chairs during the performance I was sat going "omg I hope she doesn't fall" because she had massive heels on!! It was a great performance, very funny. Sarah got to show off her vocals, acting and dancing in this one, it got one of the biggest cheers of the night. Next was the school kids with Niall singing 'Any Dream Will Do' and 'Close Every Door' they were all amazing it was cute! Jamie then sang 'Jesus Christ Superstar' which was also great! Then I think I was actually about to pass out as I knew what was coming next - It was Sarah singing 'Good Morning Baltimore' there was Sarah in the middle of the stage behind a duvet with her hair in wee cute bunches - aww! When she started to sing I swear I thought someone was going to need to pick me up off the floor by the end haha as this was a song I really wanted her to sing. It was truly amazing she gets into character so well, I didn't want to look away incase I missed one little expression and during the performance she did this little adorable laugh - I have no doubt that she would be an amazing Tracy!! Next was Jamie with..'Nicest kids in town' with the rest of the cast joining in, we really got to see Sarah dancing in this one - just amazing she can really move! Niall then came back on stage with 'Music of the Night' I thought this was fantasic. We then moved onto Les Miserables with 'At The End Of The Day' which was most of the cast but no Sarah...then on she comes to sing 'I Dreamed A Dream' and omg I had a tear in my eye it was just gorgeous and she has this sparkle her eyes all the time - its just so moving. Then came the Director of the show Michael Martin with a wonderful 'stars' multi-talented this man is! All the cast then came back for 'Do You Hear The People Sing' which was great and then Emma again with 'On My Own' which was beautiful. Then a song i'd been waiting to hear Sarah sing the whole thing it was 'As Long As He Needs Me' this was just amazing! I mean WOW I loved it and the fact she is going to get to play Nancy at some point is just even more amazing. On came the cast for 'Grease' and then Emma sang 'Hopelessly Devoted To You' one of her best songs of the night. The guys then performed 'Grease lightnin' which got the girls screaming of course lol. They finished the first act with 'You're The One That I Want' with Sarah back on stage only dancing this time but she is an amazing dancer!

Act two opened with the school kids back singing 'Santa Evita' and 'Money Kept Rollin' both great and then there was a spotlight at the top of the stairs and on came Sarah in the most gorgeous dress she looked really beautiful! She sang 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' I didn't look away for one minute I was mesmerized by this performance! Emma and the girls then came back on stage for 'Yes' with an amazing dance routine following them was Jamie singing 'Hungry Eyes' I really liked this. 'Time Of My Life' was next with Niall and Sarah singing this it was quite a fun performance and sang amazingly by both. We were making loads of noise when Sarah first came on stage for this and she was smiling and gave us a thumbs up lol bless! The song ended with a little kiss - awww! Emma and Jamie duetted with 'As long as you're mine' from Wicked and then next was the performance of the night for me, it was Sarah singing 'Popular'! This gave Sarah the chance to show off her funny and quirky side it was an outstanding performance she had everyone laughing and her facial expressions were classic - she would make an amazing Glinda, oh and we also stood up to clap for this!!. Another song from Wicked with Emma singing 'Defying Gravity' I loved this a bit much thought it was her best performance of the night., I was ruining it a little by singing along haha. We then had a little bit of Mary Poppins with Niall singing 'Step In Time' and some of the cast doing some great dancing. Then on came Sarah to sing 'Tell Me Its Not True' it was so emotional and deffo a tearjerker - I had a little tear, I tell you its her eyes, she has the most gorgeous eyes and she does something with them. The rest of the cast then joined in it was an AMAZING performance. Some songs from We Will Rock You came next, first was Niall with 'I Want To Break Free' I thought this was his best song of the night - he has an amazing voice and hes a bit gorgeous aswell...haha. Next was the cast all in white for 'Radio Ga Ga' the choreography for this was just WOW I loved it plus I was dancing away in my seat - everyone was clapping along. Then it was Niall supported by the cast for 'We Are The Champions' the audience really started to get into it by this point most were waving there arms in the air it was great! Then I knew what was coming the song I really wanted Sarah to sing('The Winner Takes It All') my heart actaully started to beat faster I thought I was going to need an ambulance LOL then she came on and just WOW my heart was still beating faster(No singer has ever made that happen before - she must be a bit special) it was sung so beautifully with loads of emotion(you could hear it in her voice) and THE EYES again..I need to ssssh about the eyes but eek just love her performing to be honest! At the end we had all the cast for ' Mamma Mia' and the 4 leads singing 'Dancing Queen' and then to end with 'Waterloo' the audience were all clappin and singing and dancing it was a great atmosphere! Then the cast took a bow with Sarah last she really did get the biggest cheer, we all stood up when it was Sarahs turn and so did the people behind us and we were making so much noise. So that was it finished then everyone was cheering when they went off stage and then the woman next to me said "You were brilliant and she really was amazing" then a woman came over to me and said "your friend was outstanding she really was" I was just like "my friend?" haha! Then when we were walking out a man goes "that little blonde is really oustanding" I was like oh I know haha. Then we walked out a bit more and I swear half the audience must of been saying how truly amazing Sarah was I could hear loads talking about her it made me smile!

Just to end on Tuesday Sarah was just as outstanding as she was on Thursday and im sure she was just the same all week - her voice never fails her!

Also I got to meet Sarah both nights, she really is a lovely, genuine, down to earth person. She is happy to speak to everyone and get pictures and shes really funny aswell. She is STAR, she has the most amazing voice and I can't wait to go see her perform again. Oh we had her a tshirt made which she was happy to put on she loved it loads - as you can see her with it on in the picture below. Oh and I got a high five from THE LARK oh yeah haha.

Julie xx


Anonymous said...

Sarah Lark - Quite possibly thebest high fiver in the worrrrld!!

Julie said...

Yes I agree! haha since you said I suck :P haha xx.

Anonymous said...

But why did I say you suck....Because you wouldn't do it!! =P