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  • Age: 25
  • D.O.B : 28/01/83

Saturday, 23 August 2008

My review of Mathilde and meeting Sarah!

Well I got to Edinburgh and met Laur we were rather excited!! We then went and picked up our tickets and just had to wait around a bit so we had a drink and what not. We started to queue about 15 minutes before the show started, when we went in the room it was rather small but great as it made it much better I thought! So we sat about 4 rows back in the middle as Sarah was going to be in the middle we were told. There was three stands with mics and chairs for the Ensemble and the rest of the cast including Sarah were sat at the back and Frances Ruffelle who played Mathilde was at the left hand side standing for most of the show - she was great! Well the show started and being honest I can't remember much detail but I will try and tell you what I remember...well I will tell you the bits with Sarah lol. She was really funny the first song she was singing was about cabbages and that, how random! Her voice was outstanding it's even better in real life and she can go really high! Never really got to hear her go high on I'd Do Anything so that was good! Her acting was exeptional aswell - she was playing a funny character and she did it so well. Basically she was a maid or something like that for a husband(Gustav) and wife(Mathilde) who were poor - She was in it quite alot. I won't tell you much of the story I don't want to ruin it incase anyone goes to see it but honestly Sarah was absolutely amazing - such a star and I can't wait for Hit's of the West End! I didn't manage to get any pictures or anything as you weren't allowed to or have your mobile on. Anyway it was a lovely story and the song's were great it be good if it was fully staged as it was just like a concert/semi performance in Edinburgh.

Also I got to meet Sarah afterwards which I was really happy about - she's just lovely! We were standing outside of the building afterwards just at the side of the doors and when she came out with the teapot the Larkabouts got for her in her hand lol bless! She was talking to loads of people then she came over to us and just said hi and what not and gave us a cuddle and she asked where I was from and how long it took me to get there but it was alright because im from Glasgow haha. We had some pictures took with Sarah and THE teapot and random Mathilde posters! She's really funny she was like this is great advertising lol. We got to speak to her quite a bit but I won't say much more about that I don't think - she did sign my Mathilde poster it said 'To Julie it's lovely to finally meet you, thanks for all the support, cuddles Sarah xxx' Well I think that's what it said as I don't have it at the moment Laur does lol. When we left her she was just like it was nice to meet you and what not and gave me a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek ble but yeah she is really lovely and down to earth! Ohhh nearly forgot I had a t-shirt on that said I'm A Little Teapot with a picture of a teapot and a cup haha - she was amused by that she loved it and asked where I got it lol 0 we were also introduced to Niamh aswell.

Well that is all for now! Hopefully I can get some pictures and videos at Hit's of the West End for you all! :D

Oh and I went to see Only The Brave aswell -I thought the music was great but it was a bit random and confusing at times and I didn't think Keith Jack was that good! Niamh was quite good though I thought her voice was much better than on the show, in all I thought Mathilde was MUCH better than Only The Brave though(and i'm not being bias haha)

Feel free to send your reviews of Sarah in Mathilde if you want and I will post them up on the blog! you can send them to julie_914@msn.com

Julie x.


Anonymous said...

Whooop! Julie you met THEE LARK!!

Glad you guys had an amazing day! Bring on Hits!! :D

Julie said...

Yesh bring on hits!! :D

Laur... said...

Wooooooooooooooooooooo! =D

That is all!

David said...

Yay Julie well done on meeting the Lark -- made up for you!

Julie said...

Aww thank you! :D