• Name: Sarah Lark
  • Age: 25
  • D.O.B : 28/01/83

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cabaret review - 'An Afternoon With Sarah Lark'

Hey everyone,

Sorry this review is really late but I was staying in London until yesterday and I had no time to write one.

Also just to say sorry that I couldn't get a video or anything like that because I was told I wasn't allowed a camera. It would of been great aswell!

Well I was already in London from the night before, So we just went out about half one and got the tube or should I say a few to Highgate where the Lauderdale house was. We arrived there about ten to four and there was quite alot of people already there, then we went and picked up our tickets and took our seats about half way between the front and the back it was quite a good view. The place was then packed out to the max, which was great to see!

The show then started just after half four and on first came the presenter Tim McArthur and he sang a song that I can't remember, I really do have a bad memory sorry I think it's because ive left it so long to write a review..then he introdued Peter St James who came on and sang his list of songs he had. He had a great voice and was really funny, he sang quite a load of songs and then Tim came back on and then it was a 15 minute interval. As you can see im skipping to the Sarah part lol.

So after the break Tim came back on and sang another song again I don't remember the song, very bad I know but I do remember he was fab! Then he introduced The Lark saying how he had worked with her a few times and that he had the night before actually and said how lovely she was to work with. He also said that they changed clothes one time but he didn't say much more about that haha, he also said about her past shows. Then he said that she was suposed to be support in a Cabaret there way back in March but of course he found out before that Sarah was one of the final 12 Nancies and simply couldn't do it and he said he had to say she was sick haha.

Then on came Sarah to a massive round of applause and some wooooos, one being from me sorry I can't help myself haha. I don't remember two songs she sang and some of the things she said so I will try and tell you what I remember and my friend has an audio recording that I will listen to and write up the whole thing for you all. It's not very clear so there is no point in uploading the audio itself. So she came out and it was just her singing along with the piano which was played by her friend Damian Sandys, who I thought did amazingly well and she had no mic, she sang a song that I don't remember but it was quite a funny one it was brilliant and she had everyone laughing. Then she spoke a little bit and she then said she was going to sing a medley of some of her favourite love songs, I got a bit excited haha. It's the first song I don't remember what it was the 2nd in the medley was ' The Rose'(I thought I was going to start crying at this one) and the 3rd was 'When I Fall In Love' or I think it was in that order I so wish I had the song list LOL. Anyway she sang them so beautifully, it was great to hear her sing with just the piano, everyone was so quiet just listening I was sorta mesmorized as usual...lol again she got a massive round of applause and wooing! Then I think she said she was going to sing a song from 'Wicked' and then she started to sing 'Popular' which I really love, she was really funny doing it as she was at 'Hits of the West End' her facial expressions are so good and she was pointing at people at some points like the "how to fix your hair" very funny! Everyone was laughing away! She said about how she can do her comedy and serious aswell and she just wanted to show that by singing 'Popular' after the love songs or something like that and I think its when she made a joke about her height saying she was 1 inch off being a midget and about going to auditions and them being like "Aw she's only 12" and she said that she was nearly 15 though...it might of been before she said that or later but really I can't remember sorry LOL anyway everyone was laughing loads. She then spoke about IDA and saying she was now going to sing a medley of her favourite weeks on the show, now I really did get excited at this point! It started of with the tune to 'Maybe This Time' but then she started to sing 'Take Another Little Piece Of my Heart' and I let out a 'woo' woops! It was outstanding and then she went into 'Midnight Train To Georgia' she did the growl!! I was like yay yay yay. She finished with 'Maybe This Time' which was lovely as usual! She was then talking about the concert at St Pauls and Adam Gwon im sure then she sang a song of his which if I remember was called 'Again' It really was an amazing song, sang amazingly - loved it. Oh also at one point when she was speaking it was really quiet and then these fireworks started going off outside and she said "Yeah I put them on for you" everyone was laughing so much and I even clapped it was so funny - I was still laughing when everyone stopped, woops lol. Then she sang 'Always A Bridesmade, Never A Bride' which was just hilarious, honestly Sarah is so funny I could just watch her all night even just talking lol. Up next was 'The Winner Takes It All' before she started to sing she was saying how Nancy was her dream role and saying how she played Sophie in Mamma Mia but that she would love to play Donna who sings 'The Winner Takes It All' in a few years. This was just even better with just the piano her voice is just oustanding and yes I did notice the eyes in this one - I bet you thought I wasn't going to mention them, my friend said "Her eyes really do sparkle" I kept getting a lump in my throat during this one but I managed not to cry! I think it was deffo my fave. Oh but I forgot to say Sarah started off at first wrong haha woopsy she sang the wrong words and stopped and was like I did this another time and noone told me and I was just walking around in a circle(and she started walking around) like "help" LOOL. She then said she was going to finish with 'As Long As He Needs Me' which as always was sung with such emotion and I really can't wait to get the chance to see her play Nancy(which I hope I will - my friend has a plan but we really won't mention that..) She thanked her family and friends and everyone for coming and showing support and said to anyone ive forgot you know I really mean it- bless. She then ran off and we were then asked if we wanted one more song so yay she came back and sang 'Tell Me its Not True" again with such emotion and power I just loved her singing this song so much, her voice was pretty much perfect throughout the whole cabaret - simply amazing. Everyone gave her a massive around of applause and cheers and she was so greatful. There is a load that I have missed out so I will deffo try and post up the whole thing when I get that audio. I am really glad I chose to travel down to London as it was an amazing afternoon and I would quite happily do it again, Sarah is worth it.

I also got the chance to talk to her afterwards even though she was in a rush, so bless her for that. She was lovely as usual, before she came over to us she was talking to a boy and she turned round and said "Hey Julie" or "Hey You" or something along those lines then turned back round and continued talking to the boy haha. Then she came over and I gave her the wine and flowers I had and said that I didn't have to do that and then gave me a cuddle etc my friend told her he cried when she got voted off IDA lol and she said she would be selling strawberries or something in 'Oliver' I also said that my friend wanted a picture and she was like "Yeah sure wack em out" or something along those lines, something funny anyway lol. I was also trying(I forgot what I wanted to ask lol) to ask her if she would be covering holidays in 'Oliver' but she said she didn't know yet and then she was talking to someone else, she was trying to talk to everyone even though she was in a rush, so lovely then we got those pictures that are below - was funny having them done.

Ive not said every single detail..but it is basically how it went oh and I had the pleasure of meeting her parents and brother etc who are just really lovely people aswell - So that was nice.



David said...

Wow! Great review Julie! Sarah sounds like she has a fantastic sense of humour as well as a wonderful voice. Glad you had such a brilliant time.

Julie said...

Thank you muchly! Sorry I couldn't remember it all...it's because it was a few days before I wrote it lol.